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42-Day Detox Membership Portal – Version 2

Welcome to the 42-Day Detox Challenge. I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to boost your metabolism to burn body fat, flatten your stomach, and lean out your legs in the SIMPLEST way. THANK YOU for joining my 42-Day Challenge!

The following docs contains everything you need to be successful in this program. Take a moment to download them and save to your desktop. You will also want to save this page to have access to the videos every week.




Workouts can be done in any order each week

Week 1
  1. Workout A
  2. Workout B
  3. Workout C
  4. Workout D
  5. Workout E
Week 2:
  1. Workout F
  2. Workout G
  3. Workout H
  4. Workout I
  5. Workout J
Week 3:
  1. Workout K
  2. Workout L
  3. Workout M
  4. Workout N
  5. Workout O
Week 4:
  1. Workout P
  2. Workout Q
  3. Workout R
  4. Workout S
  5. Workout T
Week 5:
  1. Workout U
  2. Workout V
  3. Workout W
  4. Workout X
  5. Workout Y
Week 6:


Restaurant Cheat Sheet