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5 Tips to Tame Sugar Cravings


5 Tips to Tame Sugar Cravings

#1:  Incorporate Protein/Fat into each meal.  This helps control blood sugar levels.  Make sure they are he
althy sources of each.  

#2:  Take L-Glutamine.  Take 1000-2000 mg every couple of hours as necessary.  It often relieves sugar cravings as the brain uses it for fuel.

#3:  Take a “breathing break.”  Find a quiet spot, get comfortable and sit for a few minutes and focus o
n your breath.  After a few minutes of this, the craving will pass.  This is also a great way to reduce stress!

#4:  Distract Yourself.  Go for a walk, preferably in nature, read a book, or take a detox bath.  Engage in an activity that brings you pleasure.  Cravings usually last for 10-20 minutes max.  If you can distract yourself with something else, it often passes.  The more you do this, the easier it gets and the cravings get easier to deal with.

#5:  Drink Lots of Water.  Sometimes drinking water, seltzer water, or herbal tea can help with the sugar cravings.  Sometimes what we think is a food craving is really thirst.

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