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August Camper Spotlight: Amber Eastwood!


August Camper Spotlight: Amber Eastwood!

Congrats to Amber Eastwood, our newest Forte Client Spotlight!

“One of the most rewarding changes I have noticed is my ability to run 
and play with my kids without feeling exhausted!”

I am so thankful I found Forte Fitness. I had 3 kiddos in a little over 3 years and my youngest was coming up on his first birthday when I finally decided to join.

I was struggling to find the time and energy to exercise after sleepless nights and hectic days chasing littles and working.

Forte offered the perfect solution. The workouts are so fun and effective, not to mention the perfect amount of time, so I never feel too guilty sneaking away from the fam.

I have never felt stronger. One of the most rewarding changes I have noticed is my ability to run and play with my kids without feeling exhausted.

It used to overwhelm me to have to carry a cart-boycotting child through the grocery store and push the cart at the same time, and I used to feel like I needed a nap after playing tag in the backyard.

Now those things energize me, I don’t stress about it or anticipate how wiped out I will feel.

I love being able to re-arrange furniture without asking the hubs to do it, feeling strong is something running (my previous punishment of choice), never did for me.

The trainers are just amazing. They know my abilities and challenge me in just the right ways. And they are just awesome people all around. It really is such a unique and fun bootcamp family.

I don’t know what it is about it, but even when I’ve had those nights when kids have forced me to see every hour on the clock, I’m still motivated and excited to go get my sweat on at 6am (well, once I’m there ;). It’s that good!

And my husband notices the difference in my energy level and excitement with the family after I get home from bootcamp. There isn’t anything better than that!

We think you’re awesome Amber! You truly inspire and motivate us every class! You’re an amazing mom and the Forte 6am family wouldn’t be the same without you!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Alicia & The Forte Team