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Camper Spotlight: Hard Work Pays Off! Congrats Linda Demetres!


Camper Spotlight: Hard Work Pays Off! Congrats Linda Demetres!

Congrats to Linda Demetres for being our

 Forte Client Spotlight!

“Never Give Up, Always Be Positive.

I was raised right here in the ” Sunshine State”, Orlando, Florida. For the last 5 years I have been employed at Florida Hospital, in the Health Information Department, as a Release of Information Specialist.  How can I even begin to share my story?!


My job at times can be stressful. Because of the stress, there are several hobbies that helps me unwind. I really like to color. But, the one hobby I took too is fitness!

I joined Forte Fitness back in November of 2014 and have become so dedicated where my health and fitness are concerned. My workout schedule consists of  Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm, Friday’s at 6pm and Saturday’s at 8am at Baldwin Park.  

We all have a particular exercise we favor as well as not favor. For me, I favor running and squats and least favored are the burpees. (Which she ROCKED during the burpee challenge last week ?


My health and fitness has been a journey and I know there are many others who are working on theirs. The one advice I would give is to never give up and always be positive!

There are so many activities I enjoy doing to get away from my norm. I love spending a weekend at the beach. One of my most enjoyable activities is going to the theme parks with roller coasters. The one dream I would love to fulfill is visiting Melbourne, Australia!

Linda, we think you’re amazing. Your dedication, your motivation, and your constant sweet smile are always admired. Keep up the hard work!

Have a great day!

Jennifer & The Forte Team


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