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Kettlebell Workshop

Orlando Kettlebell 101 Workshop

READY to take your workouts to the NEXT LEVEL??

Our Orlando Kettlebell Workshops will teach you everything you need to know about how to use Kettlebells PROPERLY.

You’ll learn the RIGHT way to perform the:

Kettlebell Swing, Turkish Get-Up, Front Squat, & Press

“Fitness experts around the world view kettlebells as the ultimate training tool.”

Next Orlando Kettlebell Workshop:
May 17, 2014
(from 9 – 10:30 am)

@ Blue Jacket Park (Click for directions)

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ONLY $50

($35 for current members)

(Limited to 12 Spaces)

10 Reasons You NEED To Be Training with Kettlebells

  1. Burn up to 200 CALORIES in 5-7 minutes with kettlebells!
  2. LOSING 1% BODY FAT PER WEEK is not uncommon.
  3. Kettlebell training will increase your metabolism.
  4. Workout in your own living room or backyard! NO GYM MEMBERSHIP NEEDED.
  5. Just one kettlebell does it all. It’s your hand-held gym that hardly takes up ANY space.
  6. Travel ANYWHERE with your kettlebell.
  7. Train your body the way it is DESIGNED to work- as an entire functional unit. (Not by breaking it up into isolated body parts which can put tremendous stress on your joints.)
  8. You can ELIMINATE LOWER BACK PAIN with one simple and effective kettlebell exercise.
  9. Build confidence and feel sexy again with kettlebell training!
  10. Sculpt and condition your body in LESS TIME. You will burn fat, sculpt muscle, increase flexibility, and get into the best shape of your life in LESS time with kettlebells!

It’s Shocking….I know! Kettlebells are AMAZING!


Energetic and Motivating
Alicia is energetic, motivational and inspirational. She has pushed me in my goal to lose a couple pounds so I can successfully start running competitively again. She has the ability to push me without yelling but in a positive way. I am currently taking my 2nd Orlando Kettlebell class but have also attended the Orlando Boot Camp class and both are awesome. I am a high school Cross Country and Track Coach and I have seen a lot of great motivators over my career and Alicia is one of the best I have seen!
~Kristin McWillimas

The level of intensity and energy at Alicia’s kettlebell workouts truly makes the experience and lifestyle of working out unique. I have completely changed my attitude towards how my body personally, and anyone’s body for that matter, responds to Alicia’s drive and determination, both mentally and physically. This goes for both the most novice of athletes to the most advanced. I give Alicia 100% credit for this and am proud to say I am one of her students. I recommend Alicia Streger to anyone I know because it is such a positive, life-changing experience to add to your life and completed by someone who genuinely cares about your well-being.
~Mike McGowan

Alicia ROCKS!
Alicia is totally awesome! She is always happy and smiling, positive and encouraging. She loves kettlebell training and makes it so much fun. She truly cares about us, her campers/clients and it shows. She makes every Orlando Kettlebell class fun and challenging. She gives us all individual attention and is always making sure our form is correct. I am so happy I tried kettlebell training – I love it. I appreciate Alicia’s energy and enthusiasm and I look forward to attending camp. I tell everyone about Alicia’s camp! Thanks, Alicia for your dedication and concern – you are much appreciated!
~Karen Capone

Alicia Makes You Want to Work Harder
Alicia is a wonderful instructor who is able to motivate and push all of her students to do their best. I started taking Alicia’s Orlando Kettlebell class a month ago. This is the first time in a very long time that I have enjoyed exercise and that is thanks to Alicia’s teaching style. My attitude towards harder activities has changed from one of frustration into one where I look forward to challenging myself to work harder and to continue to improve.
~Erin Knight

Alicia is AWESOME!
If you are looking to be challenged to meet and exceed your fitness potential while having a positive, enthusiastic trainer help take you there, Alicia is your girl. She genuinely cares about each and every person she trains. You can always count on having a fun, rigorous workout that is different every time! Alicia has been passionate about exercise and fitness her entire life, and gets so excited to be able to share her love for working out with her students. Her energy is infectious, and everyone always has a great time at her camps. Alicia is Florida’s finest!!
~Laura Forte

Alicia is Motivational
Alicia is the most motivating, encouraging, and great spirited trainer. Alicia knows how to motivate the client and achieve the goals they set. It maybe to get stronger, lose weight or get in shape! Alicia is compassionate, ethical professional. Alicia shows concern and caring to every individual. Alicia is an asset to her career and her profession. I love going and participating in the Orlando Kettlebell work outs. Alicia has a vast knowledge of the field of health and fitness.
Thank you, Alicia for your dedication and hard work.
~Darlean Covelli

Alicia has mastered the ability to make it fun and effective!
Alicia has definitely found her calling in life as a personal trainer. I have been attending her boot camp classes for almost 8 months now and I still find myself excited to go. I have brought numerous friends & co-workers with me to participate in her camps and they have all agreed that she is one of the best trainers they have ever worked with. Alicia is incredibly motivating, energetic and talented at her job. Alicia puts a lot of thought into mixing up her workouts to keep them fun and effective so results are seen quickly!
~Lindsey Clouse

Simply the best!
The energy that Alicia emits as a trainer is unparalleled. She is encouraging, positive, dedicated, and genuinely cares about her clients. Her Orlando Kettlebell workouts are stimulating and ever-changing which makes her classes enjoyable and effective.
I have had many trainers over the years and have never been able to achieve my fitness goals until I met Alicia. She has changed my life as well as many others, and it is all due to her incredible character and utter knowledge of fitness and nutrition.
~Erica Berman

Top Notch in Orlando!
Alicia is an encouraging, knowledgeable and motivating trainer. The Orlando Kettlebell training sessions are always different and challenging but so much fun! Alicia’s enthusiasm about kettlebells is definitely contagious!
~Casey Ortiz

YOU can be our next success story….
Join us for our next Orlando Kettlebell Workshop!

Learn the skills that can change the way you workout forever.

Our Orlando Boot Camp classes integrate Kettlebell Training right into the workouts so you can keep your skills sharp and constantly be perfecting your technique.