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Nutrition Info – Protein Shakes


Nutrition Info – Protein Shakes

Congrats to all of our members making it through month two of our new training cycle at Forte Fitness!

You’ve probably experienced a bit of fatigue and muscle soreness after some of your workouts. So we want to make sure we educate you on the importance of post-workout (PWO) nutrition and how it leads to better recovery.

In response to exercise our muscle fibers are damaged, tissues are inflamed, and energy stores are depleted. Two problems therefore arise:

  1. Carbohydrate stores are depleted
  2. Muscle proteins are broken down

Without addressing these two problems, recovery is delayed. This can lead to prolonged soreness and fatigue, decreases in future performance and feelings of lethargy associated with overtraining.

The optimal PWO meal is a shake consisting of a combination of protein and carbohydrates. Why a shake and not a meal? The primary reason has to do with the absorption rate. Liquid meals are normally digested and absorbed at a slightly quicker pace than a solid-food meal. The faster you can make amino acids (protein) and glucose (carbohydrates) available to the muscle cells, the greater the potential PWO recovery response. 

You have a window of approximately 30min after your workout to replenish what you have lost, so we recommend having your shake with you and ready to drink to class every morning! At the end of class, we will now do a cool down lap which will give you the chance to consume your protein. If you wait until you go home, it’s too late. Even if weight loss is a goal, you need to follow the same guidelines or your body composition will actually go in the wrong direction.

We have a variety of flavors of both SFH and Ascent (more info to come) in individual packets so that you can figure out which flavor works for you. Feel free to talk to any of our staff if you have any detailed questions. We just wanted to cover the basics here.

Remember, the post-workout nutrition window is real and should be taken advantage of by any athlete looking to optimize performance and weight loss. Athletes of all levels need to fuel themselves properly, and the post-workout period is key to recovery.

Have a wonderful day!