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October: Client Spotlight Of The Month


October: Client Spotlight Of The Month

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Congrats to Caridad Aviles for being our Forte Client Spotlight!

“A picture is worth a thousand words”


Forte Fitness has helped me change my life. I wanted and needed to make a change both physically and mentally. I have always been a pretty slender person and as a matter of fact I was known as the skinny “twin” growing up. Even after the birth of my children I was still pretty petite. Being a Native New Yorker and having to walk 20 blocks to the train station to get to work definitely helped me stay slim. 


It wasn’t until in my late 30’s when I had a Double Mastectomy (prophylactic) that resulted in 4 surgeries that left me with limited strength. I was feeling tired, sluggish and just lazy. This is when I started gaining weight.  Last summer I went on my dream trip to Europe, I looked and felt so out of shape. It wasn’t until this past April I finally said I have to do something. I found Forte Fitness, read the fabulous reviews and decided to purchase the 21 Day Detox and Fitness Plan. I so was nervous, intimidated and downright scared that I would hurt myself. 


I am so happy I took that leap of faith. Jennifer and her team have helped me gain my strength back, have taught me about what healthy eating & cooking is, how to push myself and listen to my body.  To date I’ve lost 16lbs, down 3 pants sizes and can do 10 push ups; something I thought I could never do.


I have a love/hate relationship with burpees. Hate to do them but love them because they are making me stronger.   My goal was to wear a 2 piece bathing suit by the end of the summer. I was so excited when I met my goal.


At 40 years of age I am at the best shape of my life but I am still a work in progress.  What I can offer to someone who reads this is, take that leap of faith know that you are stronger than you think. Take it one day at a time.  It won’t be easy but it’s definitely worth it.


I am grateful for the support I receive from Forte Fitness and my follow gym mates!