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The Best Fat Burner…


The Best Fat Burner…

Good Morning ,

Stop eating crappy foods!

I know that wasn’t probably what you were expecting me to say unless you know me pretty well. I personally don’t believe in fat burners, they cause more bad than good. I could go on and on, but I will save you the time of reading my rant on how they are a HUGE waste of money and could be VERY dangerous to your health.

Back to the TRUE fat burner…eating wholesome real foods.

Foods that become man-made, take out good ingredients to only add in fillers, preservatives, and low quality foods to help them with prolonging their shelf life and to make bigger profits. They don’t care about you! Sorry, but it isn’t REAL food and it is keeping on the fat!

I know what you are thinking…real food doesn’t taste good.

It can. We have 4 transformation contests every year and we add easy “real food” recipes to them and people rave about them. It’s about having the right resources and taking time to prep and make them. 

We are getting ready to start our BRAND NEW transformation challenge, Fall Into Fitness Challenge on October 3rd, 2016. To learn more about it, CLICK HERE!

So many people say they don’t have time. Hey, real food doesn’t take a lot of time. Eating an apple requires no time at all to prep. You can make a big baking sheet of chicken breasts, turkey breast, tuna steaks, salmon, and turkey burgers, season them and cook them on a Sunday afternoon and you are set until at least the middle of the week. You can throw a dozen eggs in boiling water, cook them, and eat them throughout the week.

If you have time to watch TV and play on Facebook, you have the time, it’s just doing it. I promise you, the busier you are the more sense it makes to prep your food on Sundays, it will save you time overall.


Take a challenge to REPLACE one food OR drink you know really isn’t food THIS week with something which is nutrient dense, will give your liver a break from it’s detoxing, and will give you energy throughout your day.

The best fat burner is eating real food! Need I say more?

Lastly, if you want easy delicious recipes and want a program that will help with your FAT BURNING, join us for a 5-Week Fall Into Fitness Challenge (HURRY – EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS FRIDAY BEFORE PRICES GO UP!)

I am going to throw in a “BONUS” here for action takers. Get FREE (boot camp classes) if you sign up now. The sooner you sign up the sooner you can start!

This challenge will reduce your belly fat, increase your energy, balance your hormones (reduce those up and down moods and anxiety), improve your sleep, reduce your overwhelming stress, and you could drop a jean size or two!

Just wanting to lose wight or your belly fat is NOT enough, you need a training plan, nutrition plan, and someone to hold you accountable and on track. If you are ready for the opportunity to join like-minded people just like you and this complete program done-for-you, click on the link below and take advantage of the SALE today before prices go UP!